New In The Station - Week of May 27, 2019

------------- Blues ---------------------
Koko Taylor: From the Heart of a Woman
------------- Classical -----------------
Too Hot To Handel - The Gospel Messiah
------------- Folk/Acoustic ------------
Grace Griffith: Passing Through
Landry & Lind: Granddad's Favorite
Leveret: New Anything
Sheesham And Lotus: Five Miles From Town
Siegel & Smith: The Union Makes Us Strong
The New Golden Ring: Five Days of Singing 
------------- Latin ----------------------
Canciones Populares Espanolas (1931) Federico Garcia Lorca, piano
Early Cante Flamenco (Spain, 1930's)
------------- Rock ----------------------
Elvis Costello: Get Happy!

These recordings were added to the computer library in the proceeding week, 
indexed for RemoteVT access on the Sunday, and available for airplay.  Items 
marked with a bang [!] have a physical CD too. This list is usually published Monday.