New In The Station - Week of April 13, 2020

Blackfoot Gypsies: Spent All My Money
Clara Smith: It's Tight Like That (1923)
Harry "The Hipster" Gibson: Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?
Loraine Jordan: Bill Monroe's Ol' Mandolin

------------- Bluegrass ----------------
The Cheiftans + Bluegrass Stars: Another Country
The Price Sisters: A Heart Never Knows
------------- Blues ---------------------
Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows: Playing For Keeps
Keb'Mo': BluesAmericana
------------- Celtic ---------------------
Castlebay: Tapestry II - In The Garden [!] Local
------------- Classical -----------------
P.D.Q. Bach: 1712 Overture & Other Musical Assaults
------------- Country ------------------
The Jayhawks: Tomorrow the Green Grass (1995)
------------- Folk/Acoustic ------------
Cindy Kallet: Dreaming Down a Quiet Line, Working on Wings to Fly
Nightingale: The Coming Dawn, Three
Patty Griffin: American Kid
Jorma Kaukonen: Ain't In No Hurry
Noel Paul Stookey: The Cabin Fever Waltz (2012) w/ Bangor Symphony
Garnet Rodgers: Firefly, Sparrow's Wing, Speaking Softly in the Dark
------------- Funk and Soul -----------
Rebirth Brass Band: Feel Like Funkin' It Up
------------- Jam Bands / Dead ------
Warren Haynes: Live at Bonnaroo
------------- Quebecois ---------------
Andre Gagnon: Le Saint-Laurent
------------- Indie Rock & Pop -------
Iron & Wine: Woman King (2005); The Shepherds Dog (2007)
------------- Jazz ----------------------
Marian McPartland: Windows; At the Festival
Medeski Martin & Wood: The Dropper (2000)
------------- Kids Stuff ----------------
Jeff Kagan: Rocky Mountain Tunes for Rocky Mountain Kids
------------- New Age  -------------
Various Artists: Ancestral Spirit
------------- Songbook ----------------
Kandace Springs: The Women Who Raised Me
Postmodern Jukebox: Twist Is The New Twerk
------------- World --------------------
Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares, Vol. 2

These recordings were added to the computer library in the proceeding week, 
indexed for RemoteVT access on the Sunday, and available for airplay.  Items 
marked with a bang [!] have a physical CD too. This list is published from time to time.