New In The Station - Week of April 27, 2020

BOO-RAH! Over 90% of the music on this list was donated to the station
by our newest host, John Monroe. Welcome and Way To Go!

------------- Ambient/New Age -------
Enya: Shepherd Moons; A Day Without Rain
------------- Blues ---------------------
Brooks Williams: Brooks' Blues
------------- Celtic ---------------------
Solas: Reunion
------------- Classical -----------------
The Canadian Brass: The Canadian Brass Plays Bernstein
------------- Country ------------------
The Jayhawks: Hollywood Town Hall (1992)
------------- Folk/Americana ---------
Gordon Bok: North Wind's Clearing 
Ellen Carlson: People I Play With
Bruce Cockburn: Dart to the Heart
Current Swell: Long Time Ago, So I Say
Dan and Faith: Then and Now
Garnet Rogers: Small Victories, All That Is
The Gawler Sisters: Home Again Home Again
Gordon Lightfoot: Sundown
Great Big Sea: Rant and Roar; Road Rage
Harvey Reid: Guitar Voyages
High Range: Around One Mic
Joyce Andersen: Love & Thirst
Leonard Cohen: The Best of Leonard Cohen
Lula Wiles: Lula Wiles, What Will We Do
Stan Rogers: Home in Halifax (in concert)
Susie Burke & David Surette: Sometimes in the Evening
------------- Jam Bands / Dead ------
String Cheese Incident: On The Road in Burlington, VT
------------- Jazz ----------------------
Bobby Keyes: Dojogobo
Dave Land & the Insolent Rabble: seulement oublier
------------- Quebecois ---------------
Andre Gagnon: Le St.-Laurent
Francois Desaulniers: Extraordinaire
------------- World --------------------
Northern Harmony: Boundaries of the Earth

These recordings were added to the computer library in the proceeding week,
indexed for RemoteVT access on the Sunday, and available for airplay.  Items
marked with a bang [!] have a physical CD too. This list is published from time to time.